What is Thermocouple?

Thermocouple sensor is a sensor which is used for measuring temperature. It consists of two similar metal wires which are joint at one end and then connected to the thermocouple sensor capable device at the other end. Having versatility as temperature sensor therefore commonly used in a wide range of application. Thermocouples create a voltage directly dependent on temperature and suited for high temperature up to 1700˚ C. Thermocouple is a single point junction between two dissimilar metals this junction create known millivolt level signal as the process changes temperature increase or decreases.

Thermocouple sensor

Features Of Thermocouple Sensor

  • Easy to use
  • Chemical resistance
  • Abrasion and vibration resistance
  • Fine finish
  • High durable
  • Excellent quality

Specification Of Thermocouple Sensor

  • Type :- J,K,E,T,N,R,S & E type Thermocouple
  • Configuration : Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Special Design
  • Temperature range :- upto 1600 ˚C
  • Element:– Mineral Compact MgO, Ceramic Beaded
  • Sheath Material:– SS316, SS310, SS321, Inconel-600
  • Junction type :– Grounded, Ungrounded, Exposed

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Types of Thermocouple Sensor

Rays Electro Engineers Thermocouple supplier in Ahmedabad. We are manufacturer various type of High Temperature Thermocouples like Type E, Type K, Type T, Type N, Type R, Type S, Type B, Molten Metal Thermocouple, Melt Bolt Thermocouple, Bayonet mount thermocouples, Ceramic Thermocouple sensor, Validation Thermocouple, Nozzle Thermocouple, Tubeskin Thermocouple manufacturer. Mi Thermocouple is also known as Mineral Insulated (MI) Thermocouples. To measure  the surface temperature we are Manufacturing Washer Thermocouple. Available in various combinations of metals according to the client needs. We are also manufacture and supply Thermocouple Connector. 

Working of Thermocouple sensor

First, it necessary of two wires of different metals is joined at both ends and one of the closures to warm there is a persistent current which streams in the thermoelectric circuit. On the off chance that this circuit is broken at the inside, the net open circuit voltage is an element of the Junction temperature and the arrangement of the two metals that implies when the intersection of the two metals is warmed or cooled a voltage is delivered that can be connected back to the temperature

Thermocouple Application

Thermocouple sensor is widely used in many industrial, scientific applications. It can be found in various industries in the market like, Power generation, oil/Gas, pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cement, Paper and pulp etc. Some of Thermocouples are specially manufacture for Plastic Industry . It can be also utilized in day to day appliance like Stoves, Furnaces and toasters.