Our company is the most prominent manufacturer, exporter, dealer and supplier of Threaded Thermowell that is made up of the finest stainless steel seamless pipes that is equipped with the latest technology. Our thermowells cylindrical fittings are used to protect temperature that is installed in industrial processes. A thermowell consists of a tube closed at one end and mounted in the process stream. It is provided for isolation between a temperature sensor and the environment, liquid, gas or slurry. A thermowell allows the temperature sensor to be removed and replaced without compromising either the ambient region or the process. For Thermocouple we offer design assistance that includes pressure, temperature and or deterioration as well as vibration effects of the fluids that can cause well stem failure.

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Our thermowells offered come in common types of thermowells that are threaded, socket weld, weld-in, and flanged. Selection of the proper thermowell material for the process is also important to preventing thermowell failure.  Thermowell material is usually chosen based upon a consideration of the temperature of the process into which the thermowell is being immersed, the corrosion conditions of that process, the material of construction of the piping, vessel or other structure into which the thermowell is being installed and the possibility of erosive conditions.  It is important that one is aware of these factors before selecting a particular Thermowell material. Our product is used in many industrial applications that helps to keep temperature resolution in a stable degree required and it takes minimum response time and at an affordable rate. It has varied measure range as the client specifications requirements. Our expert engineers’ teams are readily available for any order size, large or small at an inexpensive rate.