Leveraging on our company’s cosmic industry experience and in-depth expertise, we are capable in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an impeccable range of Pressure Transmitter. This equipment is highly recognized for its remarkable attributes like reliability, durability and low maintenance. We are the leading manufacturer for transmitter at a reasonable price for our clients. Pressure transmitters are used to measure the pressure of, fluids, liquids and gases in the process industry. Also, known as pressure transducers, this equipment do more than just checking the pressure of the working equipment. The pressure and temperature play a key role in the success and failure of various industrial processes. When monitoring or controlling effectively to achieve desired results the client has to ensure the safety of users and the working environment. The best way to display and maintain pressure and temperature is to apply pressure transmitters.


The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides various pressure transmitters from industry to satisfy the various necessities of your commercial applications. Pressure transmitter can immediately degree stresses ranges and variations in temperature. They offer correct records for technique control, and permit technique managers to enhance their product quality. All our stress transmitters function rugged creation and are much less prone to over stress events, which assures their lasting performance. It transforms the bodily sign of stress, differential stress and degree and so forth into popular sign, through collecting cell sensor and digital processing circuit. We have the best precision and signal uniformity by applying advanced specified integrated circuit digital technology to ensure max precision and mini drift in wide working temperature range. The key features of our transmitter are it gives accurate, stable and reliable reading. Moreover, our series of pressure transmitters are suitable for Gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement in gases, steam or liquids in all areas of process control field where it works for detecting element, measure the flow of gases, steam and liquid flow.