Rays Electro Engineers is a custom manufacturer Thermowells in Ahmedabad. Thermowells are used to guard a temperature sensor in thermocouple, Thermistors, Bimetal Thermometers. Thermowells secures and expands the life of a temperature sensor in preparing applications where the sensor isn’t mechanically or artificially perfect with the procedure condition. Thermowells designed for high pressure applications are typically machined from bar stock to ensure probity. We also product line product threaded, Van-stone, Barstock thermowell, Threaded, flanged Thermowells. It also facilitates removing, changing, checking, or replacing a sensor without draining the process system. We manufacture Thermowells that have a fine track in wide range of industries and applications.

Specification of Thermowells

  • Shank Design:- Straight, Stepped, partial tapper, taper
  • Materials: Brass SS304, SS316, SS316L, Inconel -600, Hastelloy, Titanium,  ceramic
  • Types: Fabricated/ Bar stock Thermowell, Threaded /Flanged Thermowell, Stock-weld/ Weld-In Thermowell, Sanitary Thermowell, Van-stone Thermowell.
Thermowells Manufacturer in Ahmedabad