We are the leading manufacturer and dealers of Platinum RTD(Resistance Temperature Detectors) sensor that  are sensing elements made of pure platinum wire coil (wire wound) encapsulated in ceramic or glass, or a thin film platinum deposited on a ceramic substrate. Platinum RTD sensor has a positive temperature coefficient. Platinum RTD sensor are protected tube that are with the budget in low pressure, low temperature applications.  It has sensor that response fast compare to the heavier thermo wells in non critical applications and adequate protection for the sensing element from corrosive medium and is easily maintained. Protection tubes are constructed of SS316 / SS316L to protect the Platinum RTD sensor from corrosive environments.


While the platinum RTD element is terminated in nickel-plated brass terminals mounted on a high-purity steatite terminal block.  The block is mounted on a spring loaded stainless steel disc to protect the ceramic from impact and vibration damage to ensure proper contact inside the shielding tube.

A weatherproof die-cast aluminum head with threaded cap and chain protects the construction inside; other terminal heads may also be designed.  Our designed and fabricated with high-quality materials and latest technology, these platinum RTD sensor are available are varied provisions. We deliver these sensors to clients that meet their requirements at a competitive market price.