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Our manufactured pressure sensors are used in a variety of industrial applications and fields and are also known as pressure transducers or transmitters, depending on the signal they produce. They work by measuring pressure through a flexible component, then converting the amount of flex into an electrical signal that can be quantified. Pressure transducer is used for converting a pressure field into an electrical field such that the output electrical energy is proportional to inlet pressure.


This technology makes use of changes in resistance that some material experience due to change in its stress or strain. As an unit, the transducer comprises of bending beam pressure sensing mechanism, micro soldered stress/strain elements, glass to metal sealing , formed membranes, gold plated connectors etc. Our company’s pressure measurements devices are designed to function based on a system’s size and complexity, and reflect the different forms of pressure readings that can be collected, including absolute, gauge, and differential pressure.

Our pressure transducer comes in a wide range are used in many industries that helps to measure temperature resolution in a stable degree required and it takes minimum response time and at a reasonable rate. It has varied measure range as the client specifications requirements.  Our methodically divided infrastructural into various departments has highly principled work practices and timely deliverance helped us to famous in this domain and engender a highly reputed client base.