We are the most leading manufacturer, supplier and exporters of thermocouple for plastic industry that are widely used as injection molding, most plastic processing and industrial processors that are backed worth expert team. We offer threaded nozzle thermocouples that are Type J and K and are designed to measure nozzle temperature within an injection molding machine. Our fixed bayonet thermocouples feature added protection against abrasion, which includes stainless steel wiring, and metal sheath armor for added protection and rigidity. Sheath material is customizable and can range from stainless steel to corrosion resistant alloys. These temperature sensors will suit applications where metal sheathed protection is required, making them extremely versatile for numerous element and process connections. We provide a selection of sizes, terminations, and types to suit virtually any application. Our thermocouple is used in plastic industrial mechanization that helps to keep temperature resolution in a stable degree required and it takes minimum response time and at a reasonable rate. It has varied measure range as the client specifications requirements.  Our methodically divided infrastructural into various departments has highly principled work practices and timely deliverance helped us to famous in this domain and engender a highly reputed client base.

Thermocouple For Plastic Industry