Rays Electro thermocouple holder for Freeze Drying allows for the simple and accurate placement of a product sensor in a vial.

We are the most prestigious manufacturer of dryer thermocouples that are used as clothes dryers’ belts in a large, thick rubber band that goes around the drum at its center. It’s controlled by a motor that turns in a circular motion where an idler pulley keeps the belt tightly positioned on the drum. In addition to going around the drum, the belt also loops through the idler pulley, over its bracket, and under the motor to make a complete loop.

A thermocouple mechanism is found in most clothes dryers as it is essential to fuse that immediately turns off power to the heater, and sometimes the dryer, when the dryer overheats. The thermocouple only activates when the drum’s air temperature gets hot enough to reach the fuse’s preset trip temperature. When a thermocouple blows reset the dryer’s circuit breakers to restore some of the dryer’s function.


If it works at all when the fuse is blown, its operation will be irregular at best. For example, it might be slow to heat or not heat at all, and the drum might tumble weakly or stop completely. The only way to fix this is to replace the thermocouple. Our systematically divided infrastructural into various departments has highly ethical work practices and timely delivery helped us to famous in this domain and generate a highly reputed client base.