Various type of Industries temperature sensor we serve like

  • Temperature sensor for chemical industry : –

    Rays Electro Engineers Temperature sensor and transmitter manufacturer in Ahmedabad with conformity for use in some safe-related application. Rays reliable and long lasting of temperature instrument which connects to head mount temperature transmitters which are built with intrinsically safe to guarantee that they do not provide more energy to generate a dangerous event. Utilized in various application ranges like oil and gas pipelines, Storage tank, Vessels, reactors, waste water treatment.

  • Temperature sensor for textile industry : –

    Rays Electro engineers and manufacture robust electric process heater, RTD, temperature sensor, flameproof temperature sensor, bearing temperature detector for textile industries application. The sensors are produce in large sizes and perfect for measuring the average temperature of a large surface. So this is how our design and manufacture of a sensor is extremely fine wire of metal inside a fabric. Utilized in various applications like Stenter machines, Thermo pack boilers, finishing machines, Jet, Jigger, Deka, yarn dyeing machines.

  • Temperature sensor for metal industry: –

    Rays Electro Engineers makes several fine protection tubes and thermocouple for the metal processing industry. We make thermocouple for heat treating application. Most sensors for use in metal industry are produced with the connection head and protection tubes. Thermocouples are utilized to measure temperature for metal industry and other like steel, copper, aluminum, nickel platinum and others. Our comprehensive range of temperature sensor, Thermowells, thermocouple utilized in various industries as equipment.  Utilized in various application like road construction equipments, casting & heat treatment furnaces.

  • Temperature sensor for power industry: –

    Rays Electro Engineers has years of experience providing extra heavy duty temperature sensor and equipment that control the temperature for power industry. Power industry where power process including high temperature, high vibration & shock. Rays often highly called upon custom temperature instrument for particular best environments. Thermocouple RTD, Bimetal Thermometers are used in every corner of this all industry. Utilized in various application range like Turbines, boilers, pump, piping system, Furnace system, compressors, fluid, air to heating and sensing them after treatment system to cold weather warming.

  • Temperature sensor for pharmaceutical industry: –

    Rays Electro Engineers has a fine opportunity to design and manufacture a variety of innovative temperature and pressure sensor. Extremely low temperature and high accuracy sensors are common place in this industry. Utilized in various application range storage tank, vessels, room temperature monitoring, Thermal mapping etc.

  • Temperature sensor for cement industry :-

    In the production of cement industry from a raw meal a kiln application operates between 1400˚C and 1500 ˚c. In this process, accurate temperature is highly important to control and if the product temperatures are low then will be negative affected. A precise and robust high temperature measurement solution will satisfy needs to balance the quality.  Rays Electro Engineers high temperature measurement product engineered to the most precise degree provide a wide range of solution for application in the Cement industry.Utilized in various application range like Kiln application, blast furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, non-ferrous metals, sinter plants etc.