What Is Temperature Sensor

A Temperature Sensor is a device that identifies and measures the hotness and coldness changes over it into electrical signals. Rays Electro Engineers design and manufacture various type of Temperature sensor including Thermocouple sensor, RTD Sensor, Platinum temperature sensor, Digital Temperature sensor, Industrial temperature sensor and Thermowells etc many more. Temperature sensor manufacturer in Ahmedabad with fine features like easy installation, capacity to reliably integrate technology which response to human behavior and safety. RTD and Thermocouple which provide measurement through an electrical signal.

Different Types Of Temperature Sensor

There are various types of Temperature sensors offer by Rays Electro Engineers

  • Platinum Temperature sensor
  • Thermocouple sensor
  • RTD Sensor
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Thermowells
Temperature Sensor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Temperature Sensor Working Principle

Temperature sensor is a device to measures the temperature through an electrical signal which is divided into various units. It requires two sensors like Thermocouple sensor and RTD sensor. The working of a sensor is highly based on voltage which read across the diode. The temperature sensor determines the absolute zero measurements as close to the -46˚ Fahrenheit. The Difference in voltage is amplified the analogue signal is generated by the device and it directly proportional to the temperature.

Temperature Sensor Application

Temperature sensor is highly utilized in various applications like

  • Oil industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cement industry
  • Food and Beverages