Manufacturer of RTD sensor

Resistance temperature Detector is also known as Resistance Thermometers.  (RTDs) are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes. Utilised for many years to measure temperature in a laboratory and industrial processes, with good features like high accuracy, repeatability, accurate temperature and stability. Rays Electro Engineers manufacturer of RTD sensor in Ahmedabad by utilizing fine materials like copper, nickel and platinum materials. We are a manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Triclover RTD sensor, Platinum Rtd Sensor, Bearing RTD sensors, Flameproof Rtd Sensor, Autoclave Rtd Sensor, Mi Rtd Sensor, Stator Rtd Sensor, Explosion Proof & Weatherproof Rtd Sensor, Sanitary and Transition Joint Rtd Sensor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Platinum is the most common and accurate material used to make RTD. Platinum RTD sensor has the temperature range of 650˚C. It has a wide range of temperature measurement capabilities used to measure temperature in the range between -270˚c to +850˚c. RTD comes in 2 wire RTD, 3 wires RTD, 4 wires RTD version according to the demand of our clients. Sanitary Rtd Sensor includes a proven thin PT-100 platinum RTD sensor element.

RTD Sensor in Ahmedabad

Important characteristic of an RTD Sensor includes the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) the nominal resistance at 0˚C and tolerance classes. There are no limits of TCR which is achievable have most common standards is the platinum 3850 ppm/K. Means that the resistance of the sensor will increase 0.385 ohms per one degree Celsius temperature. Nominal resistance of the sensor is the resistance that the sensor will have at 0˚C. In order to ensure the best quality products sensor is checked by our experience quality expert team on various quality parameters. Available in various sizes, thickness according to specification and need of our valuable prices at a very nominal rate.

Features Of (Resistance Temperature Detector) RTD Sensor

  • The RTD has high long stability
  • Wide temperature range
  • It is good and easy to convert Resistance value to temperature
  • Very high accuracy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Leak proof joint
  • RTD probe enables highly accurate measurement